Healthy feed, healthy birds

Our feed is made from agricultural raw materials and by-products. All these are checked for quality through our standardised procedures detecting moisture content, aflatoxin levels and nutrition content.

Our premium poultry feed is manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials, keeping the bird’s health in mind.

What makes a high-quality poultry feed? It’s the quality of ingredients that the feed is made with. Having strict quality standards for the raw materials we use in feed production, we ensure that the feed contains standardized level of nutrients and eliminate any alfatoxins that might harm the birds.

Our feed is made with agricultural ingredients, having more vitamins and minerals than ordinary hen feed.

Composed of agriculture products like Maize and Soybean meals, our feed contains the crude protein levels necessarily required for your birds. These combined with essential vitamins and minerals make our feed what your flocks need to strive and optimize their performance.